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- 应聘方法 -

请发送简历,标题注明应聘Engineering Manager职位至以下邮箱

简历筛选 ⇒ 咨询师面谈(skype或电话形式) ⇒ 企业面试 ⇒ 内定 ⇒ 赴日工作

- 职位简介 -

Open positionEngineering Manager
・management of engineer
・Develop new products and new features and improve the existing features consistently from the upstream process to the actual development
・Clarify the service concept through communication with the Product manager, utilizing the mock-ups and proto-types.
・Write high-performing and maintainable code
・Develop reusable components.
・Develop user-friendly services

○how we evaluate
Fundamental technical skills
・Understanding business goals and drive actions proactively to hit the goals.
・Deliver best practices and encourage mutual communication.

○Attraction points
・Assigned as pioneer team to develop new products in an innovative way, leveraging our various services which has dominant market share. Thus, you will be a part of our team as a pioneer to build a new method for providing and developing services and to launch those services.
・Best opportunity to grow yourself by collaborating with world top-notch engineers to develop global products (not Japanese localized products) where you can learn their expertize under the mission to hit goals by importing advanced technologies.
Requirement○Mandatory requirement (Skills & Experience)
・more than 3 years’ experience in management
・A degree in Computer Science, or equivalent work experience
・More than 5 years of programming
・More than 3 years of Web programming
・Expertise of programing development with efficient and maintainable coding
・Ability to adjust and apply their programming skills to services and develop
・over 30 year-old

○Mandatory requirement (Personality)
・Basic communication skills to develop with a team
・Strong intellectual curiosity and ability to focus and solve the problems, researching thoroughly what is unclear.
・Ability to set an individual goal and proactively find and complete what needs to be done

○Wish requirement
・ Experience in programming a large-traffic website and improving/problem solving when developing

○Not suitable if meet any of the following
・Not interested in development of services. (This position is not academic research.)
・Extreme loner and bad at working as a team

・A degree in Computer Science(Preferably from Tokyo Univ, Kyoto Univ, Osaka Univ, Tokyo Tech Univ, Tsukuba Univ, Waseda Univ, Keio Univ, or other prestigious colleges)
Above top 200 in world university ranking if graduated from oversea university/

English-Fluent、Japanese-no experience required
Need to communicate technical matters in English
Job TypeEngineer
LocationTokyo (Ebisu)
Salary■Expected yearly wages:
■Payment: Monthly salary

※Including other allowance
※evaluation twice a year
Working hoursFlexible

※The average daily work hours are 7 hours 32 minutes. However work hours are up to individuals depending on their work load
VacationNew Year Season, Summer, Golden Week, Marriage Leave, Maternity Leave, Bereavement Leave, Transfer Leave, etc.
InsuranceHealth Insurance, Nursing Care Insurance, Employees' Pension Insurance・Unemployment Insurance, Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance
bonusTwice a year (June and December)
Quarterly(March,June,September and December)
allowanceMidnight/Holiday work allowances, Lump Sum, Covered Commuting Expenses (based on company guideline)
other benefitsChild care leave, Nursing Care Leave, Sick/Injured Care Leave
Application processEntry from 「Apply page」

Applicants screening

Interview(2-3 timew)/Skill test


- 应聘方法 -

请发送简历,标题注明应聘Engineering Manager职位至以下邮箱